Traditional Cloths at CPU Olimpiade 2017


Health is the foundation. This is the spirit of the event held by CPU every year.


When I heard for the first time that there will be this event coming soon, and the captain asks me to participate in running competition, I immediately said: “No”. Haha. Not because I’m not interested in sports activities, but more like my personal reason. Last year I was a participant at Foreign Student Olimpiade held by Xiamen University, Xiamen City. At sprinter 400 m class, I only got 6th rank from total 15 participants from different countries. Shocking me out at that time!


So this time, I just participated in Parade and Opening Dance for the event. For this Middle-Java Traditional Cloth, I wear and others too, were borrowed at KDEI  (Kantor Dagang dan Ekonomi Indonesia) / Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei.

*photo credit to Bryan, yimei 一梅,and the committee of CPU Olimpiade 2017

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