Studio Tour of “kim▪garden” : Rearrange Flower Bouquets

graduation ceremony hold flower bouquets

Graduation ceremony always leave you a ton of flower bouquets from people who love you, rather than you throw them away to the garbage bin, it’s better you arrange them and put on your work-desk or somewhere at the favorite corner of your home.

Tools you need to prepare are:

  1. Scissor;
  2. Gardening-scissor;
  3. Rubber-band or rope;
  4. Vase, or in this case I use my protein-milk-shake (hahaha);
  5. Plastic bag, or something else for hold your flower on at the vase, like wire.

Start with cover the vase hole with the plastic bag and tight it up with rubber-band. Make sure its strong enough to hold the flowers to stand up when grouping them onto small-groups, through the holes you made by scissors. Don’t forget to fill it with fresh water.


After you open the whole flower bouquets, cleaning them up with fresh water (because maybe they already stay in the bouquets-plastic for one or two days), make a fresh-cut at the bottom of the stem (around 3-4 cm), then ready to arrange them as beautiful as you like.

To watch a video of this Studio Tour, you can see on my youtube channel: “Seno Pujonggo”

or watch down here: 

thank you, and feel free to ask.


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